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Common FAQ

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Common FAQs


We use OpenVPN over UDP for the best Gaming performance, speed and DDoS protection.

We only accept PayPal as a method of payment.
Yes, absolutely! Keep in mind that you'll need a device to route the VPN through since neither the PlayStation or Xbox have native VPN support. If you have a computer running Windows, Mac, you can simply connect the PlayStation/Xbox to the computer and bridge the VPN connection.
Before we start, you should extend/purchase your plan. Once that is done the download section will appear from there you can download the executable that will take you over a setup where you should be guided to install the application. Once the setup is done open the DodaVPN executable true your desktop shortcut, Login-Connect and Enjoy !

We offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first week of your purchase over the unspent money in your account. Any kind of refund will result in a permanent suspension from our service

At this moment we only provide ddos attack logs in our discord or true our discord bot. You can invite our discord bot into your own server and track the DDoS attacks.
First of all the credits are in real money format (euro €), You can buy how much credit you need that goes for the days too for example if you want to buy 5 days of VPN access then are 100% free to do so, there is no limit. Now lets talk about the payment system, The PayPal payment system system is fully automatic that means once the payment is done it will proceed to the payment validation and credit addition.
You will need a valid email access (obviously), On the login page you can see a label on top of the password input you should click it from there you can type your email, Once the email is received you should click to the "Reset Password" button or the link just bellow it. Once you got forwarded back to the reset page you can type your new password and change it. ERROR? If the response is showing an error it means the token has been changed, please read our token system in the FAQ.
You basically have a session token which is used for the web and a application token which is used for the application, If you login to a different browser, change your password or email the session token will change you will be notified of that and logged out from the browser, Therefore for practical issues the application token is only changing upon email or password changes.
Once you bought credit or extended your plan it will be saved within your account panel.
This website is made to be installed on any device, On the latest chrome for android for example you can put the website in your home screen and access it like an app.